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"[T]he project offers our students new perspectives on the value of dealing with history, their own national past from an American perspective and offers a new access to American-German relations as well as building a bridge between religions. [T]he courses...are always a highlight in the academic year of our bilingual history students."

Teacher, Gustav-Heinemann-Schule, Berlin


"[Dr.] Cahn is so concerned with the fragile connection between Jews and Germans today that he approaches our generation to make a change for the future without letting...his attitude towards Germany be consumed and shaped by the past. And that made me realize that it might be time to find new ways to cope with our history, ways which acknowledge the unbelievable horrors that happened but which at the same time do not make us turn our faces away in shame and help us to learn to be proud without being arrogant and patriotic, without being intolerant....Because if we try to understand instead of judge and if we start looking for similarities instead of differences, we might actually benefit and learn from that ...and we definitely did that during Dr. Cahn´s workshop."

Student, Europäisches Gymnasium Bertha-von-Suttner, Berlin 

 A Bridge to Understanding

"The high pedagogic skills obtained through his long work at Y.U. High School for Boys as well as his academic credentials
guarantee the students a high professional quality as well as the particular sensitivity necessary when addressing such an
emotional topic."

Roman Kroke, Artist, Author, Educator, Berlin