A Bridge to Understanding

Holocaust Reconciliation Project

     "There seems to be no better place to build a bridge of 

                 understanding than in today's schools." 

                                             Dr. Geoffrey Cahn, Project Creator


"The mission of The Holocaust Reconciliation Project is to empower the current generation of Germans to transcend the guilt and shame of previous generations, while being ever mindful of the past.  Through educational workshops presented in gymnasiums and other secondary schools in Germany , a new sense of responsibility can help eradicate anti-Semitism and other forms of  prejudice."     Dr. Geoffrey S. Cahn                     Learn more





 Students, Gabriele-von-Buelow Gymnasium, Berlin:

  •  "You  took away my being ashamed about being German. Thank you

for that!"

  •  "I am a Muslim myself, and I did not know that Judaism and Islam had

so much in common. I guess a reconciliation should actually be easier,

because of these similarities."

​ English Department Head, Heinrich-Schliemann- Gymnasium, Berlin:

  •   "Students and colleagues alike enjoyed the workshop...for its interdisciplinary cooperation...and as a successful way of enhancing continued awareness of the effects of racist behavior and attitudes."    ​​

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