"Reconciliation Workshop (2019)",
Katholische Schule Salvator, Berlin 

"An American Jew In Berlin Classroooms"by G.S. Cahn (The Times of Israel Blog, January 15, 2019)

"Post-Holocaust Reconciliation Workshop (2016)", Students Comments, Gabriele-Von-Bülow Gymnasium, Berlin (June 2016)

 Letter to the Editor, "Germany's Moral Example" by G.S. Cahn

 (Published in The New York Times, September 12, 2015)

 ​​Letter to the Editor,"Germany, Russia and Ukraine" by G.S. Cahn
 (Published in The New York Times, May 11, 2014)

"Post-Holocaust Reconciliation Workshop (2013)"Bertha-Von- Suttner Gymnasium, Berlin

"Germans and Jews--Is Reconciliation Possible?"  by G.S. Cahn

(Published in Juedisches Berlin, June 2009 (Translation)



An interview with Dr. Cahn

Holocaust Reconciliation Project reconschools@aol.com

 A Bridge to Understanding


  •   Ph.D. in History (specialization in Germany 1918-1945). 
  •   Published works in numerous journals and encyclopedias.
  •   Chair Emeritus, History Dept,Yeshiva University H.S., NYC.
  •   Thirty years of teaching experience.
  •   Child of Holocaust survivors.
  •   Created Holocaust Reconciliation Project in 2007.


  •  Conducted in English to enhance students language skills.
  •  Include a lecture and student centered discussion.
  •  Incorporate timely readings.
  •  Encourage honest and open dialogue.
  •  Offer flexible scheduling.