Ph.D. in History (specialization in Germany 1918-1945). 

  Published works in numerous journals and encyclopedias.

  Chair Emeritus, History Dept,Yeshiva University H.S., NYC.

  Thirty years of teaching experience.

  Child of Holocaust survivors.

  Created Holocaust Reconciliation Project in 2007.

  Conducted approximately 40 workshops and reached over 1200               students.

​  Guest Speaker, Brooklyn Jewish Film Festival January 2013.


 Conducted in English to enhance students language skills.

 Include a lecture and student centered discussion.

 Incorporate timely readings.

 Encourage honest and open dialogue.

 Offer flexible scheduling.




 A Bridge to Understanding

An interview with Dr. Cahn

Holocaust Reconciliation Project reconschools@aol.com

"Post-Holocaust Reconciliation Workshop (2016)", Students Comments, Gabriele-Von-Bülow Gymnasium, Berlin (June 2016)

 Letter to the Editor, "Germany's Moral Example" by G.S. Cahn

 (Published in The New York Times, September 12, 2015)

 ​​Letter to the Editor,"Germany, Russia and Ukraine" by G.S. Cahn
 (Published in The New York Times, May 11, 2014)

"Post-Holocaust Reconciliation Workshop (2013)"Bertha-Von- Suttner Gymnasium, Berlin

"Germans and Jews--Is Reconciliation Possible?"  by G.S. Cahn

(Published in Juedisches Berlin, June 2009 (Translation)